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by Keith Mc Bunz
2012-01-10 19:26
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by Sbando Boy
2012-01-05 08:20

Interesting new girl, Chrissie, Michell or Christel. She's dressed like she's about to jump onto the Orient Express but that's ok. Omar teaches her a hard anal lesson.

Here's a very old school collection of thumbs. 'Cos EBI is still alive and kicking. And kicking it old school!

by Pat Bateman
2012-01-02 00:15

First part of interview is here.
January 2012 - [PART 2 of 2] After 10 months worth of wait, here's the second part of French XXX actress Lou Charmelle interview with EBI where she talks about her USA Tour, Perversions, taboos, love and enemas, and not necessarily in that order.. Also check out her EBI model card here. She also has a discussion thread in EBI forum here (for registered members only).

  • EBI: Alright, now that you've finally sent me what you should've sent me months ago, let's continue with the interview :) You did a US tour, how was it? You taught them how to properly French Kiss, right? Tell us about your worst and best experience on the sets. You can omit the names if you want.
  • Lou: It was a great experience! Professional, high tech equipment, handsome studs, high rates, ... a total blast! ;-) I did import the French Touch and they liked it (laughs). In fact, my best experience was also my worst... It was a night scene, in the desert, not more than 5C, windy, the guy with whom I just shot before had trouble keeping his boner, I was on the hood of a cadillac, I was so cold that I was shaking... Terrible conditions but it became my best souvenir because I had to overcome this and go beyond myself.
  • EBI: You could have gone to a boot camp like GI Jane, I think you would've liked it even better.
  • Lou: Boot camp? Why would I want to install windows on my Mac?
  • EBI:Not sure if you wanted to joke about Windows vs Mac, or if you don't know what is a boot camp :) It's a training camp for military recruits :)
  • Lou: Haha! Well, I'm a geek, and a boot camp for me is an application that allows to install a windows partition on a Mac. Which would be totally stupid unless I wanted to play videogames, which I totally forbid myself to do so, otherwise I'll become a No-Lifer
  • EBI: Ookey! Now, double anal, DP, piercing, tatoo, bondage, this ain't exactly softcore. Is there something you haven't done yet and you'd like to do in front of a camera? Do you have taboos? Piss, Zoo, Scat, McDo...
  • Lou: DP, DAP, bondage, I wanted to try it. I'm very curious by nature, and rather submissive in bed, I take advantage of porn shoots to "refine" my appetite... I'm a nurse so I don't really like uro, scato, enemas, gapes and prolapses... it's all too medical for me, not sexual. And of course, it's like being at work! :P Not very exciting for me in those things. I think I have tried most of the "physical" experiences that I could like, but "intellectually" there are so many things left for me to try. I would like to do scenes with good scenarios, perverse situations... (yeah I'm a pervert)
  • EBI: What kind of perverse situations? Public humiliation? Taboos?
  • Lou: I was supposed to do a public humiliation scene for Kink, in San Francisco, but unfortunately the shoot got canceled. I think I would've liked it, indeed.
  • EBI: Bah SF is too liberal. You need such a scene in front of a church in Warsaw or the Kremlin :)
  • Lou: You know what? Last night I dreamed that Manu Ferrera was fucking me in a train and all the passengers were watching us! I had an orgasm in my sleep, that was awesome!
  • EBI: Since you're an enema expert, what do you suggest for the newbies who need to shoot an anal scene but don't know how to clean it? I know quite a few who will thank you, producers and actors as well!
  • Lou: Hum... For starters, I never EVER use medical enemas. It's a medical drug and if you do it too often you can seriously damage your colon. In the US all the girsl use that, and it's killing me. After a while, they have a fucked up colon and can't take a dump without it. Yeah I'm a bit vulgar but if you know another term for it, you can correct me. So, I take a pump, you can buy it in a pharmacy, I fill it with lukewarm water and I rinse it 3 or 4 times, without ever use too much water, otherwise it's worse afterwards ;-) I know girls who unscrew the shower head and use it like that, it works well. And don't eat too much before a shoot.
  • EBI: You live by yourself? You have a boyfriend? Married? How's the love connection? Is it like Facebook? it's complicated? I read somewhere that you regularly masturbate thinking about Frigo, is that true?
  • Lou: Not at all, to the contrary, it's very uncomplicated! I have a few regular lovers who are also friends, with whom I have sex with when I want, which allows me to have intimate and fun relationships in bed. I absolutely don't want a love relationship, and my would be lovers are offered this deal they're more than ok! (laughs)
  • EBI: Alright so no moonlit walks on the beach. I wanted to invite you to a candlelit dinner on the seashore...
  • Lou: I still appreciate dinners with candlelights and romantic attentions. As long as they're just intro to foreplay! (laughs)
  • EBI: Did you study? I think so, your written skills are better than most people I know! :) What did you want to become as a kid?
  • Lou: Thank you, I try to salvage our language the best I can ;-) I did some studies yes, and I plan on studying more next year. When I was a child, I wanted to be etymologist (my mom told me that word when I told her that I wanted to know where words come from). Either that, or grand larceny, like Bonnie Parker (NB: and Clyde )
  • EBI: How do you react when somebody recognizes you? At work or somewhere else? There's got to be idiots who will make a fool of themselves or say something stupid, right? Or women? That's when you pull out the tommy gun!
  • Lou: I got recognized a couple times in Paris or during dinner events, but people were friendly because they were tipsy (laughs). On the streets, I had a few dumbasses but I think all the girls experience that, it doesn't matter if they shoot porn or not.
  • EBI: What do you want to study? In France or Switzerland?
  • Lou: I'll go for a degree in language sciences, studying at home remotely. That will allow me to get into a school to find another job, but still in the paramedical area.
  • EBI: Have you seen a movie recently that made an impression on you? Like "Martyrs"? :)
  • Lou: I watched again "La Vague". It's a German movie based on real facts in the US in the 80's. A study on autocracy. Which is scary because we're right in it!
  • EBI: Uh. Did the interview get political all of a sudden? :) Ok. Did you see "Funny Games"? Very perverse situations. You'd like it. Or "The White Ribbon". Also very perverse.
  • Lou: I saw "Funny Games". I think it was the German version. I'll download and watch the other one. Ah crap, Limewire no longer exists....
  • EBI: I'm sure EBI readers will rush to send you torrent files. You should open a wish list on your website, so your fans can send you gifts. I think it's totally cynical and creepy, but hey, if everybody's happy... Like that you'll get the DVDs, perfume, and don't even need to show your address. But you need to be willing to exploit the poor lonely sods on the net.
  • Lou: I saw a lot of american girls do that, and that works very well over there. But I think that in Europe, and especially in France, it wouldn't work. Different culture.
  • EBI: What are your short term projects? A new tour? You want a long lasting career or just temporary?
  • Lou: I want to go back to the US quickly, before June 2011. I want to stay in porn until I no longer have fun and I hope this will be in a long time from now! Even if I don't picture myself as a MILF, I admit :-) (laughs)
  • EBI: Seeing as retirement rights are going these days, we'll see you in MILF if you want to get your pension money :)
  • Lou: I hope I'll be done with my studies by then! ;-)
  • EBI: Send us a note when you get your PhD! What do you think of the sex tape craze? With the "people" competing with stolen tapes which end up in producers' hands? Did you see the fake sextape from that greek celebrity?
  • Lou: Good marketing strategy. Sex sells. Ian Scott told me about it. The funny thing is that everybodys shoots sextapes and it still works like crazy! You think I should do mine as well? (laughs)
  • EBI: LOL. if you really shoot a sextape, you'll have to pick someone like Tiger Woods or Johnny Haliday (Note: popular French Singer - in France) for partner! That'll give you ideas when you'll choose your escort dates. By the way, have you ever escorted for a celebrity?
  • Lou: Johnny Haliday, oh what a horror... I might have stumbled upon a celebrity but I don't have TV and I'm not interested in "people", so I didn't notice...
  • EBI: Finally a bit of a controversy! I bet some of your fans are also fans of Johnny. What don't you like in him? His old age? It's interesting that you don't have a TV, which Madonna calls "idiot box". You're quite a suitable young woman after all. We could almost introduce you to your future step-mom :) Not a single moment you've regretted doing porn? Sincerely?
  • Lou: Really, no. I know what it is to have a tough job, badly paid, and in bad conditions, so I consider myself lucky to be able to earn money like this now. It brings plenty of interesting experience on the human side, and I can work on myself and the way my image is perceived. It's not always trivial, because your ego takes a lot of hits, but this job allowed me to evolve faster than if I had stayed a simple nurse.
  • EBI: Thank you for the interview Lou.
  • Lou: My pleasure! Ciao!


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Drones launching GPS and laser guided missiles, miniature RC helicopters with gyros and servos, 32GB ...

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Interesting new girl, Chrissie, Michell or Christel. She's dressed like she's about to jump onto the ...

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First part of interview is here. January 2012 - [PART 2 of 2] After 10 months worth of wait, here's ...




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